Check out my day job byline.

Debut fiction piece: A special sign on Valentine’s Day:

Pardon my mess (broken and/or old links) while I work to update. In the meantime, enjoy my latest submission to Reedsy: (June 2020 Construction Superintendent eNews) (November 2019 Construction Superintendent eNews) (September 2017 Construction Superintendent eNews) (September 2017 Construction Superintendent eNews) (February 2017 Construction Superintendent eNews) (guest blogger, Superstition Review) 

Recycle, Reuse. Today’s waste diversion efforts in healthcare construction save green. (Sept/Oct 2015 Medical Construction & Design magazine) (Full Steam Ahead … page 24)

Sun Safety (Fall 2012 issue of Construction Superintendent magazine)

All Aboard! (December 2013 issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle magazine) Q&A with Lynn Walker, Superintendent at Brasfield & Gorrie. Technology, sustainability and leaving your mark. (October 2013 Construction Superintendent eNews)

Bikram Yoga, Cheers! (September 2013 issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle magazine) (guest blogger, Superstition Review)

Check out this fun guest-blogger link at Superstition Review, ASU’s online literary magazine:

Body Image (March/April 2012 issue of In With Skin magazine) (3/18/11 neat tribute) (scribes @ asu website)

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