As promised, the following several posts will cover two practical tips to incorporate into your daily routine to tame your monkeys and “unstick” yourself. The caveat: change requires action. It’s as simple—and as hard—as that. If you don’t feel “stuck” in your journey, then you may want to scroll to the next item in your feed. But for those readers who describe themselves as hamsters on a wheel, then I would bet you are the student ready for the “teacher” to appear. Because when presented with these two tips more than a month ago, I was that student. Tip #1: Each morning, for the next [pick a number—mine was 45] days, spend 10 minutes “planning.” What do I mean by planning? Bookmark this page to receive the next post where I’ll begin outlining the nitty gritties; i.e., what it means to me, how I’ve incorporated this practice into my days and links to help with your own planning.

Are you ready to change your life?

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