The way to get started is to quit talking
and begin doing. ~ Walt Disney

I’m happy to report that I’m well into my 21-day (see “When we need a factory reboot… “) mental and physical reset. It began with an acupuncture session to realign my psyche, and with a list of five goals to tackle every day over the allotted three weeks. Although it would be ideal to hop online and order a one-size-fits-all solution to transition us from point A to point B (the inventor of this idea would no doubt win “most popular” person in the room), until that happens, we’ll relive the same life year after year: unless we begin somewhere. Fear can paralyze (see “What matters is the doing… “), yet it can also lead to freedom to rediscover what makes us excited to jump out of bed each morning. Time doesn’t slow down. But we can meet it halfway if we’re brave enough.

What will it take for you to begin somewhere?

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