No motivation


My get up and go left the building. Although I consume plenty of fluids, catch about seven hours of Zzzzs nightly, exercise 8-10 hours weekly and take my daily vitamins, I’m still exhausted. The problem is motivation: it’s nonexistent. I used to get excited to go to work, yet now I can barely summon the energy to spend eight hours parked in front of my computer each day. I like what I do, but it no longer feeds my passion. Sound familiar? Here are four tips to help you (re)summon your purpose:

  • Shake it up. Take a day off from your normal routine.
  • Splurge on yourself. Even if it’s just a frozen yogurt (and remember to add toppings).
  • Plan a getaway. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a locale where you can recharge your battery.
  • Revisit your passion. Where do see yourself in one, five, 10 years? If you’re not going in the right direction, change your course.

How do you reclaim your get up and go?

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