Boost your confidence

A couple months ago I was invited to byline a guest blog post for my alma mater’s literary publication. Although I’ve contributed pieces in the past that have garnered positive feedback, I agonized over this particular post for weeks. I even consulted my big sister, a freelance editor, for her expertise. While I pen my own blog, there’s something unnerving about putting myself out there where former professors and peers and other literary critics might take a peek. Perhaps it’s because my prose has been limited to on-the-job copy edits and interviews—or lack of balance in other areas of my life—but confidence in my writing ability has plummeted. Let’s be honest: No (wo)man is an island, but we must first be our biggest advocate. When I approach my day wearing a smile (even a manufactured one) and slip on a positive attitude (along with my sassiest heels), the world sees what I want it to see. And I begin to, as well.

What boosts your confidence?

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