bad things in threes

This past week my washer died. It didn’t come as a shock because the dryer met its demise mid-to-late last year. But there were no warning signs… one night, mid-wash, a pile of towels ended up a soggy mess when the water didn’t drain. When I arrived home at lunchtime the next day, a trail of rust marked the side of the water heater. Upon closer examination, it was a fresh rivulet of colored water. I don’t have to be an expert to know that’s not a good sign. With temperatures expected to top 115 degrees over the weekend, my heart dropped when I received a text that evening from my family (while I shopped for a new washer) indicating our 18-year-old AC stopped running. Life is fun that way, isn’t it? Unpredictable, packed with surprises. But I still look for (and find) a simple pleasure every day—something that strikes my fancy, makes me smile or fills me with gratitude.

How do you approach life’s unexpected hiccup(s)?

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