victor or victim

Things turn out best for the people
who make the best out of the way
things turn out. ~ Art Linkletter

Last week a fallout in my plans proved to be a wake-up call the size of—well, it was ginormous. Like a massive strobe light bulb that blinded me with its garish, spinning kaleidoscope of hues. For more than two months my ‘to do’ list revolved around that one thing—prepping for, anticipation of, planning around—and then, without preamble, that one thing dissolved into a million little pieces. A dust speck among ideas brushed under the rug. Not even a tiny blip on my radar. For a split second, I wanted to stomp my feet. Cry my eyes out. Cuss the unfairness of it all. But that’s the thing about disappointment. You can either be a victim of your circumstances, or you can be a victor over your situation. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Which type of person are you—a victim or a victor?

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