My much-anticipated adventure I alluded to in ‘That’s why they call it the blues’ entailed 250 miles, four hours of rubber hitting the pavement—mountains to the right and left of me, in front of and behind—and seven hours divided between hiking across the University of Arizona campus and sitting in on writers’ panels, workshops, readings and seminars. A book lover’s dream, the Tucson Festival of Books caters to writers, readers, travelers and artists; a place to network, meet favored authors and add to the tips of the trade. It’s a world where I bump into the same familiar faces as I traverse the writer’s circuit, gathering material to improve upon the craft. There is always a takeaway and no time is wasted when I’m fully immersed in the moment. Whether I’m lost in my fictional world or present in my reality, every person, conversation, challenge, pleasure, etc., is fodder to fuel a passionate life. On and off the page.

Where does your passion wholly come alive?

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