The blues


The evening following a recent hike I succumbed to the doldrums. The next morning I was no better. I could blame it on the denouement of a fun-filled weekend and the start to a new week that both proved lackluster at best. Or maybe the break from the Bikram yoga hot room placed my last nerves on edge. As hard as I tried to tap into the root of these feelings, the further from a solution I positioned myself. Yet, deep down, I knew the reason. In the midst of a weekend void of commitment, I neglected to commit to the one thing that affords the most soothing balm to my psyche: write. When I finally accepted my culpability, I experienced a loosening in my soul, a pardoning if you will. And I proceeded, with enthusiasm, to arrange an upcoming writing adventure that promises to transport me not only into the mountains next time, but on the road. Stay tuned.

What is a significant blues-maker in your life?

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