Fanning the flames


Here we are, two months down in the New Year, 10 to go. Some days I think I’ve got the ‘simple thing’ down to an art, other days I flounder with too much to do and less time… to do. When heading more often into the latter direction, it takes effort to jump off the treadmill for a self-prescribed timeout. Remember, too much of a good thing doesn’t mean it’s good for us. When we forget to breathe, we lose ourselves. Last weekend I spent an afternoon with a girlfriend at an outdoor mall. Gorgeous weather, engaging company and I found a couple of fun tops. The following day, a planned ‘make-up’ day, I enjoyed a chunk of time on the patio, along with my daughter, basking in another amazing Southwest afternoon. Consequently, this week is pretty busy, but I’ve spread out my tasks. After all, moments with friends and family—savoring the simple things—fan the flames of my inspiration and my motivation.

What fans your flames?

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