Think positive


Think positive, speak life. What we speak is what we get. These were the words my BFF texted me following my earlier message that morning: Feeling a bit discouraged today. Although I often post positive messages on social media and write blogs about sprinkling kindness liberally, discovering the secret to happiness and assorted don’t-worry-be-happy thoughts, many times it’s easier said than lived out. If worse comes to worse, it’s probably best to keep our mouths shut until we can say something positive and, in the meantime, to read a few inspirational quotes to turn our minds around. Or call or text a best friend to put instant smiles on our faces. That particular morning my BFF’s words served as a reminder that, even when external circumstances might cause us to feel discouragement, it’s our internal self-talk that enables us to change the direction of our thoughts—therefore, our day. Unhappy? Try thinking positive and speaking life. Hint: No belly aching allowed.

What does your self-talk sound like today?

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