If simplification is your intention for 2016, as it is mine, it takes a bit of prep work. After all, there’s only so much we can accomplish within 24 hours each day, with at least seven of those hours ideally residing in dreamland. Here are my tips in order to keep it simple(r):

  1. Write down a ‘wish’ list of everything you hope to accomplish in the New Year (leave room to add to as needed).
  2. Sketch out (in pencil, of course) a ‘to do’ list including everyday responsibilities; i.e., work, housekeeping, errands, etc.
  3. Leave blank spaces to add items noted on your wish list.
  4. Allow time for play, to care for your health and well-being and to enjoy a creative outlet (my new one is coloring!).
  5. If something comes up at any given time that does not promote simplicity or advance your goals, don’t even add it to your to do list.

Just remember: KISS.

What are a few of your simplification techniques?

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