Since writing my post, “It’s just the beginning,” I’ve taken my life into my own hands, made my own decisions and started living the life I want now. Seriously? Okay, to the casual observer, and even those who know me quite well, it might appear as if nothing has changed. That I’m still stuck in a rut and making no progress toward achieving my goals. But, to anyone who can see my heart or read my mind, the landscape is shifting. Where once occupied by shadows, light and pops of color paint the canvas—meaning and purpose within reach, a lack of complacency replaced by hope. And I’m learning that living Today might require me to wait. That every now and then it may be in my best interest to allow time to heal. To teach. To better prepare me. I was afraid it could be too late, that time was running out. But it turns out that I’m write on time.

How do you handle the wait?

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