Change, dreams

On my way to a writers’ conference last week, my driver mentioned his cousin had been an executive secretary who wrote books part time. Six months earlier, she had a brain tumor and lost most of her vision. She quit her office job and is now working full time as a published author—happier and making more money than ever before. Even after a whirlwind three days at a conference chock full of tips and networking, pitching and note taking, I keep returning to that life-altering change my driver’s cousin experienced. And how she didn’t allow that change to steal her dream; instead, she used it to fan the flames. When change—whether good, bad, ugly, expected or unexpected—comes along, it’s our choice if we let it break us. It’s equally our choice if we allow it to make us. At times, change can defer those dreams, yet there’s nothing to say we can’t chase after new ones until Someday.

What dream have you given up on?

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