Second opinion

One of my articles was recently published in a local magazine. While I waited to receive the hard copy in the mail, I viewed the web version online. However, once I read it, my excitement deflated like a punctured balloon. The article contained mistakes missing from the original draft I’d submitted to the publication. One of my editor friends, after reading it, said she would’ve asked that I dig a bit deeper, something I would’ve expected the magazine editor to request. I knew my friend was right, though. I’m never going to write again, I thought, much like a petulant child. Yet minutes later, I knew I wouldn’t stop. If nothing else, I learned something. Everything we do is a reflection—of ourselves, our employers—so the next time I write something, I will ask for a second opinion before it goes any further. Granted, I can’t do anything about the publication’s errors. But I can always do a better job.

How do you feel about second opinions?

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