Slow, lasting change

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Slow_lasting change

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There are many types of change we cannot control in our lives; e.g., we lose a loved one or get laid off from our jobs. These are sometimes sudden and unexpected changes. But the kind of change that is slow and lasting, in my opinion, is the kind that oftentimes requires baby steps before coming to fruition—like when we make changes to our eating habits, in relationships or careers—change that requires planning and deliberation if we desire a lifelong makeover. The other day in yoga, the instructor shared how Bikram yoga is more than fitness; it’s also about mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. This is the kind of change that takes place when we practice at life daily, even when we have a “bad” practice—a setback of any kind. As long as we continue to put one foot in front of the other, change is bound to happen. The kind of change that lasts.

What type of slow change has been lasting in your life?

Try, try again and again

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Try, try again and again


Already four days into my two-week plan on how to change my life, and I’ve run into a few speed bumps. For instance, day one I wanted to eat leftover Halloween candy, yet I committed to a healthier lifestyle. So what? I ate the candy, enjoyed it and recommitted myself. I’m also still trying to get a handle on how many “free” hours I have each weekday—not including work and sleep (eight hours) and how best to use this allotted time. But once I add in everything I need to accomplish (for a happier me and a smooth-running household), I’m left with a total of one hour before I need to get ready for bed. That’s where the weekends come in—extra hours I can use to pick up the slack. I may take a day off from work on occasion, too, to play catchup or one where I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

What are some of your challenges when it comes to change?

Be alive with step 5

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step 5


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Here we are at the final step in the series “Two weeks to a new, improved you.” I’ve reviewed steps 1-4 (see Step 4 to live more… ) for a recap. Step five is your report card: at the end of 14 days, re-evaluate. You’ll circle the plans you implemented and then revisit step one where you rated the satisfaction of your life, then compare your score to the goal you gave yourself. Had you scored a 5 in your work life and implemented a plan to increase your satisfaction to an 8, yet you did nothing to make it happen? No worries! Simply recommit and re-evaluate yourself in another two weeks. After working on the first four steps, maybe you’re wondering how to even begin. I picked Nov. 1 as my start date but spent most of the day working on step four. Pick a day and, before you know it, your life will have changed in more ways than one.

Do you plan to make any changes?

Step 4 to live more (abundantly)

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step 4


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If I’m all about simplifying my life, then this five-step process of evaluating my satisfaction with said life, identifying areas that don’t serve me and planning energy-renewal solutions to change  it up in 14 days is way more trouble than it’s worth. But wait, there’s more! Step four: make a commitment and take action. Now that I know what I need to change, I have begun what I’ve deemed “the list.” This includes the whats, as well as the hows (the time allotted to each task). For example, if clutter drains my energy, each week I’ve committed time to tackle the piles. If my grad school application is due Jan. 1, 2016 (life happened and I’ve had to push it out another year), I have a clear outline of what needs to happen and when. If I want to revamp my fitness goals, I simply consult “the list” for a lifestyle plan that works for me. There’s no thinking twice!

What’s stopping you from a more abundant life?

Step 3 toward a happier me (and you)

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Step 3

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If you need to catch up with my ramblings and rhetoric to understand my recent fixation, read my posts Two weeks to a new, improved you and Step 2 toward making a positive change in your life in only 14 days. Once you’ve listed everyone and everything that zaps you of energy (step 2), it’s time to focus on the third step: develop your energy-renewal program; i.e., what you need to change in order to be happier and get you on the right path. If you’re not satisfied with your body image, for example, make a plan (keep it real!) to eat healthier (e.g., reduce refined sugar and flour, eat more greens, limit those chips and salsa), log in more Zzzzzs each night (which takes care of a myriad health concerns) and/or make an appointment to address those migraine headaches plaguing you on a semi-regular basis. If your career is stalled, start networking—or consider an entirely new employment focus.

What one thing will renew your energy today?

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