Take action

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]


Have you figured out what your obsession is? Your passion? What makes you tick? What you would choose to do if you didn’t have other responsibilities and commitments? Maybe you’re already doing what you want to do, but is there something else you’d add to the list if you had more time… or money? In my post “The excuses stop here,” I discuss my passion for writing and how I make every excuse in the book not to write. But I also put my foot down: No more excuses. So now what? I spent some time scouring through Poets & Writer’s magazine and reviewed upcoming contests and calls for submissions, as well as conferences taking place in the new year. I’ve written out a list of writing goals for 2015. I started shopping for a combo cork/magnetic board that doubles as a piece of art to hang over my desk to keep track of the “big picture.” It’s a start.

What new goals have you made for yourself?