step 5


[Image credit: Stuart Miles]


Here we are at the final step in the series “Two weeks to a new, improved you.” I’ve reviewed steps 1-4 (see Step 4 to live more… ) for a recap. Step five is your report card: at the end of 14 days, re-evaluate. You’ll circle the plans you implemented and then revisit step one where you rated the satisfaction of your life, then compare your score to the goal you gave yourself. Had you scored a 5 in your work life and implemented a plan to increase your satisfaction to an 8, yet you did nothing to make it happen? No worries! Simply recommit and re-evaluate yourself in another two weeks. After working on the first four steps, maybe you’re wondering how to even begin. I picked Nov. 1 as my start date but spent most of the day working on step four. Pick a day and, before you know it, your life will have changed in more ways than one.

Do you plan to make any changes?