Bankrupty of a soul


[Image credit: 2nix]

Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy—

the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much
in hope and expectation. ~ Eric Hoffer

In Stop the insanity¸ I write about doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Yet once again I find myself repeating that familiar force of habit—of pinning my hopes on expectations I’m foolish to entertain, merely to have them dashed time after time. If only this would serve to remind me to avoid these follies of the heart. Maybe then I would get in the habit of tossing the day to chance, rolling the die as if life is one big crap shoot—instead of thinking the universe owes me a rub of the Genie’s bottle. Incidentally, I’d settle for just one wish, not three. The secret to keeping my soul from withering, my optimism from shriveling with hope deferred, eludes me still. Oh, to follow my destiny before the sands run dry.

What is your secret to surviving hope deferred?