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I’m over half way through my 30-day happiness challenge and still going strong. It has become a game I play each day as I seek out those things I can see or taste or touch or hear that make me happy. I also find I’m more present in every moment, savoring it as if it’s a favored piece of chocolate. The topic of happiness has been coming up wherever I turn, too. And whether it’s Pharrell Williams singing on my car stereo, or the media promising it holds the secret of happiness, there’s always the same disclaimer: happiness begins within ourselves. Which goes back to living with intent. With that said, one article I read shared a few thoughts we can start employing today toward happiness:

1.      Whatever I’m going through will pass.
2.      I am never alone.
3.      Every dark (or slightly dirty) cloud has a silver lining (somewhere).
4.      Slow down, breathe and tackle one thing at a time.

What is your self-talk mantra toward happiness?