Living with intent

[Image credit: samarttiw]


In my post A recipe for happiness, I list three essentials to happiness in life: something to do, something to love and something to hope for. With that in mind, I began my 30-day happiness challenge a week ago, each day seeking out one thing that makes me happy. I’ve discovered that 1) it requires me to live my life with intent—purposing to keep my eyes open and look for happiness; 2) it’s sometimes hard to pick only one thing that makes me happy  (not a bad problem to have) and 3) the “things” I attribute to my happiness aren’t always tangible. One morning I volunteered my time and I was “high” with happiness all afternoon and evening. Another day I spent several hours networking at a writer’s convention. What I look forward to the most upon waking is first I set my intention to be happy, and then I allow that attitude to carry me throughout the day.

In what ways do you live with intent?