Aligning our beliefs, actions

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Working around a state of flux


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If the things we believe are different than the things we do,
there can be no true happiness.
~ Dana Telford

Sometimes we must adjust one or more of our priorities, hopes, dreams, opinions, etc., in order to realign our values or goals. And sometimes that can be scary, painful and not without second guessing, remorse, self-doubt, etc. But if you find yourself in a near-constant state of confusion or conflict, then it’s wise to re-evaluate the things you’re doing to get where you think you want to go. Or perhaps what you believe about others, a situation or yourself is misinformed or untrue. Wherever you find yourself today, know it’s temporary. And be assured our lives are always in a state of flux. If not, we’ve ceased to grow, advance ourselves or contribute meaningfully to our small piece of society. When we’re able to align our beliefs and our actions, even for a day, all feels right—and happy—within our world.

What makes you truly happy?

Tapping into our larger story


Tapping into your larger story

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During the past month, as I’ve embarked on my 30-day happiness challenge, I have made an effort to engage in new experiences. I’ve visited a few new restaurants, used my NutriBullet for the first time, attended a three-day writing convention and beginning painting techniques class and, most recently, I immersed myself in a SoulCollage® workshop. Participants used images, scissors and glue to tap into our intuitive selves and begin creating our own personal deck of cards to represent aspects of ourselves and our larger stories. Through a journey of self-exploration, we shared our cards with each other and journaled our revelations. For me, one such revelation was that although I am entering a new season of life, because seasons are always changing, I can expect the same for myself. And that’s okay. To acknowledge and accept this, I believe, will free me to once again focus on the things that I can control … my happiness, for one.

What are some ways you tap into your intuitive self?

Self-talk your way toward happiness

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I’m over half way through my 30-day happiness challenge and still going strong. It has become a game I play each day as I seek out those things I can see or taste or touch or hear that make me happy. I also find I’m more present in every moment, savoring it as if it’s a favored piece of chocolate. The topic of happiness has been coming up wherever I turn, too. And whether it’s Pharrell Williams singing on my car stereo, or the media promising it holds the secret of happiness, there’s always the same disclaimer: happiness begins within ourselves. Which goes back to living with intent. With that said, one article I read shared a few thoughts we can start employing today toward happiness:

1.      Whatever I’m going through will pass.
2.      I am never alone.
3.      Every dark (or slightly dirty) cloud has a silver lining (somewhere).
4.      Slow down, breathe and tackle one thing at a time.

What is your self-talk mantra toward happiness?

Living with intent

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Living with intent

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In my post A recipe for happiness, I list three essentials to happiness in life: something to do, something to love and something to hope for. With that in mind, I began my 30-day happiness challenge a week ago, each day seeking out one thing that makes me happy. I’ve discovered that 1) it requires me to live my life with intent—purposing to keep my eyes open and look for happiness; 2) it’s sometimes hard to pick only one thing that makes me happy  (not a bad problem to have) and 3) the “things” I attribute to my happiness aren’t always tangible. One morning I volunteered my time and I was “high” with happiness all afternoon and evening. Another day I spent several hours networking at a writer’s convention. What I look forward to the most upon waking is first I set my intention to be happy, and then I allow that attitude to carry me throughout the day.

In what ways do you live with intent?

No judgment allowed

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No judgment allowed_pakorn


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A few days ago I ran into a couple of yogi friends and the topic of judgment came up. It seems that for yogis, the way of life on the mat is similar to life outside of the hot room. So how we treat ourselves and react to uncomfortable circumstances, during any given practice, is likely how we treat ourselves and react in “real life.” If we’re critical when we stare at our reflection for 90 minutes, then we’re probably critical of ourselves in our workplaces or with family and friends. Yogi or not, I think if we remember to approach each day (and practice) with an open mind and heart, rather than self-imposed expectations, we’d become more forgiving toward ourselves—and others. And rather than compare our journey with that of the person next to us, it’s important to accept, without judgment, that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. This is when we’re free to grow.

How do you keep judgment from getting in the way?