Quit talking

[Image credit: digitalart]

Do you ever get tired of hearing a friend complain over and over about something they’re unwilling to change? Or how about the person who says one thing, but acts contrary to who they purport to be? What about that one neighbor who wants to lose weight, live adventurously, blah blah blah but never puts her money where her mouth is? Last month I challenged readers to do something new for 30 days and threw out my own personal challenge: to write a book in a month. As I close out day eight, I’ve logged in 13,368 words, along with the personal satisfaction of finally doing something I’ve been talking about longer than I can remember. I’ve also learned that in writing—and life: 1) sometimes it’s better to just do, rather than think, 2) showing up is still the hardest part and 3) it doesn’t have to be perfect, or even good. As long as I’m trying.

When are you going to quit talking and start doing?