[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

I heard a counselor once explain that actions precede feelings. Which means you must follow through with an action before the hoped-for or expected emotion takes root. Put into practice, it may look like this: you’re invited to join a group of people at a party. You don’t want to go, but your best friend asks you to be her “date.” Not mentioning you’d rather stay home and wash the dog, you join your friend because it’s important to her. You have a decent time, however, so when you’re invited to hang out again, you agree more readily. During the next party, you relax a bit more and end up having a blast. You faked it until you made it. Sometimes it takes a while before the feelings catch up with the actions but, the more you practice, the easier it gets … until one day your actions and the resulting emotions are completely natural. At least that’s the plan.

Have you faked it until you made it?