Releasing the want

[Image credit: David Castillo Dominici]

I was talking to a friend the other day about something I wanted with my whole heart. My friend questioned if wanting that something had done anything for me. Admittedly, I wasn’t getting what I wanted, which made me frustrated. Or rather, I allowed the lack of obtaining what I wanted to keep me from true satisfaction. Plus, I should be happy with what I already have … right? So my friend suggested I release the want by letting it go and living without it. I could always go back to it later in time. But, for the moment, I should live unencumbered by want. Because wanting did not produce manifestation except for more want. And emotional suffering. Instead of wanting peace or more money or a better [fill in the blank], perhaps ultimate happiness is discovered by working toward bettering ourselves and accepting the fruits of our labor. Maybe then we’ll want what we have.

Do you want what you don’t have, or have what you want?