Wanna trade crap

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

During a recent doctor’s office visit, I said to the receptionist, “You know how everyone has their own crap?”  She responded in the affirmative and I said, “You know how sometimes you wish you could trade your crap for someone else’s?”  Again, she answered yes.  I proceeded to tell her about the “crap” I’d been dealing with lately.  We joked a bit, said that we could make millions producing t-shirts (or tank tops?) with “Wanna trade crap?” printed on the front, and on the back list the many types of crap in people’s lives.  As the medical assistant began to lead me to the exam room, the receptionist called out, “Oh, just for the record, I’m not trading crap.”  I burst into laughter (much better medicine than tears) and realized that, at the end of the day, I probably wouldn’t want to trade my crap either.  It’s about working through it the best we can, write?  And we might even learn something new.

Would you wanna trade crap?