Throwing in the (proverbial) towel

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Throwing in the towel

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One of my friends said I don’t go looking for drama; drama shows up at my doorstep.  I used to think my life was boring—monotonous even.  And then a tragedy struck my family nine years ago and nothing has been the same since.  Right now, I could really use some monotony.  However, one positive outcome of all the drama is a far-from-empty story coffer.  Because that’s the stuff books are made of—real life accounts that real people can relate to—trials, unrequited love, pain, sorrow, joy, adventure.  Through the characters in the books we read, we can either share similar experiences, live vicariously or even be thankful our daily lives are less scarred or messy.  And as much as I want to throw in the towel at times and declare, “I quit,” I know that one day my stories will be even more believable.  But until I’m published, I’ll simply grab my towel and keep heading to yoga.

What triggers you to throw in the towel?

Getting unplugged

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Between doctor’s appointments, adult-child drama, work and financial commitments, freelance deadlines, an eight-week yoga challenge, keeping clean clothes in the closet and food on the table, and trying to log in eight hours (not so much) of Zzzzs every night, I’m stretched thin.  The household tasks are going by the wayside and I serve more leftovers than anything else, but life continues.  Albeit with piles of dust bunnies, and laundry that needs folding.  But I’m in serious need of a break.  And so I’ve begun making plans for myself.  I’m calling it my weekend “unplugged.”  For me, that means no social media, including games, no cell phone (except for emergencies only, of course), no email or laptop, no TV or radio.  And no chores or outside commitments.  As soon as my freelance deadlines are buttoned up, I’m running away.  For 24 hours.  I don’t have the details completely worked out yet, but that’s okay.  I know I’ll be traveling light.

When was the last time you got “unplugged?”

I’ll trade you crap

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Wanna trade crap

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During a recent doctor’s office visit, I said to the receptionist, “You know how everyone has their own crap?”  She responded in the affirmative and I said, “You know how sometimes you wish you could trade your crap for someone else’s?”  Again, she answered yes.  I proceeded to tell her about the “crap” I’d been dealing with lately.  We joked a bit, said that we could make millions producing t-shirts (or tank tops?) with “Wanna trade crap?” printed on the front, and on the back list the many types of crap in people’s lives.  As the medical assistant began to lead me to the exam room, the receptionist called out, “Oh, just for the record, I’m not trading crap.”  I burst into laughter (much better medicine than tears) and realized that, at the end of the day, I probably wouldn’t want to trade my crap either.  It’s about working through it the best we can, write?  And we might even learn something new.

Would you wanna trade crap?