Authentic life

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

In my recent Word-of-the-month post, I talked about the nihility — or deep void — I’ve been struggling with lately.  After contemplating this overall emptiness, however, I’m wondering if it isn’t so much the missing something as it is not living out a life of day-to-day authenticity.  Instead of living a life true to ourselves, we oftentimes insist on conforming or fitting into a mold of what we (or others) think our lives should look like.  So rather than being who and what we were created to be, we force ourselves into pretend roles of complacency.  Then how do we live authentically?  Do we shed our masks, disregarding the consequences of our actions, and take the chance that we’ll be accepted as we are: dreams, flaws, desires and all?  Or do we continue to forge ahead, dressed in ill-fitting clothing because we’re either afraid, or because it’s the right thing to do?  For me, the answer currently seems as elusive as the wind.

Are you living a life of authenticity?