Taking a step back

[Image credit: Arvind Balaraman]

My consecutive days of Bikram — and lifestyle changes — came to an end.  After 41 days and increasing aches in various joints, I realized too much of a good thing may be doing more harm, rather than healing.  Considering my lab results (see Fighting the odds …), the last thing I want to do is hinder my ability to practice hot yoga.  So I took a day off and also enjoyed my first glass of wine in more than a month.  The next day I returned to the hot room, backing out of the poses as necessary.  One of the most important things the 30+ day challenge did for me was re-program my all-or-nothing attitude.  I feel a bit freer … less bound by the obsessions that sometimes drown out my common sense.  I was afraid I’d wake up the following day upset that I didn’t keep going with my uninterrupted days of practice.  But I didn’t.  Maybe I’m growing up.

What’s something you may need to lay off?