Over the hump

[Image credit: Photokanok]

Eighteen days ago I started the 30-day Bikram challenge (see All or nothing revisited), which also included making a few self-prescribed diet changes.  A lot of commitment all at one time.  So much so that, in order to maintain my focus (and my sanity), I’ve temporarily stopped working out at the gym, writing my book, keeping up with my daily chores and making any big or life-altering decisions.  These allowances have permitted me to successfully practice self-control, while at the same time nurture myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I can thank Yoga, along with the changes I’ve made, for growing me in these areas and teaching me that I’m stronger than I ever knew.  And now that I’m over the hump with less than two weeks to go, I’m beginning to think about life after the challenge.   It looks like this: I will succeed at whatever I set my mind to.

What kind of goal have you established for yourself that required making it over the hump?