All or nothing revisited

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

Last week I accepted a 30-day hot Yoga challenge.  In addition to attending practice each day for 30 days, I omitted a few things from my diet (caffeine, alcohol and sweets).  Plus, I went vegan.  It may sound like I tackled too much at one time, especially since 30 days of Bikram is already quite a test.  However, I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl.  That doesn’t mean I would quit the challenge if I indulged in a cup of coffee.  I simply desire to get the most out of the full 30 days.  Which means it also gives me greater impetus to succeed.  Add in a three-hour trip to the dentist for oral surgery only four days in, and I really should be a basket case.  Instead, I’m feeling better than ever, both physically and mentally.  And the discipline I’m practicing can be used long after the month is over.

If you can’t give something your all, do you choose to do nothing?