Don't be afraid of the white space

[Image credit: anankkml]

In my post New Beginnings, I talk about not wasting the white space on the blank page of each new day.  This past week, however, I was reminded during the editing process at work not to be afraid of the white space.  What does this mean, exactly?  In publishing, it suggests that stuffing as much as we can onto a page is visually overwhelming to the reader.  Similarly, stuffing too much into each day is also physically and mentally overwhelming to the doer.  So how do we balance it out?  By making every word (action) count.  This way, the white space (free time) complements the overall publication/day’s design.  I talk about this often — taking periodic time-outs to rejuvenate.  But I just as easily forget and then find the demands on my time at a record high.  Consequently, it helps to pick a few priorities and work in the rest as time (and white space) allows.

Do you handle the white space by trying to fill it all in?