Transforming your mind II

From the moment I set my bare feet on the cold tile floor yesterday, I wanted to climb back under the covers.  An hour and a half of writing went nowhere and I had a good cry before I’d even made it into the shower.  I tried on at least four different outfits including jewelry, scarves and jackets, and I still didn’t dress warmly enough.  I was 20 minutes late for work and, once there, I noticed I forgot to wear earrings.  My IBS was acting up, I didn’t like my hair and my pants were too tight.  When I finally made it home for lunch, I remained tense and irritable.  But then I read a response from a fellow Yogi (instructor) on Facebook to a post I’d written about being crabby: “…it’s all in your head…”  Obviously, she was right.  So for the rest of the day I purposed to plant a garden where I’d want to linger.

Is your garden primarily filled with flowers or weeds?

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