When in doubt, choose change

[Image credit: vichie81]

By changing nothing, nothing changes. ~ Tony Robbins

Although the squeaky wheel gets the grease is a commonly repeated adage, it typically only works if you complain to the powers that be.  When it relates to our own lives, however, complaining about something does little (to nothing) to resolve a situation.  For instance, I’ve been noticing a change in how my clothes are fitting and I recently complained to a friend about it.  And then I added: it’s called chips and salsa.  I know what’s causing the thicker waistline.  For someone in a dead-end relationship or job or just not happy with their lives for one reason or another, complaining won’t change anything, either.  Only change will.  So I’m adding this to my 2013 list of guidelines for living: no complaining allowed as long as I’m not working toward change — meaning no lamenting my ill-fitting skinny jeans if I continue to snack on chips and salsa every night.

What do you keeping complaining about that never changes?