Just what the doctor ordered

[Image credit: David Castillo]

This past weekend I traveled to the Midwest to surprise my dad for his 87th birthday.  A few days prior to leaving, I learned of family illness, so plan A for the party locale changed to plan B.  Then, my dad started to come down with a cold, so we switched to plan C.  Which made the most sense because we were now smack dab in the middle of a snow advisory.  My dad’s party was a success, but throughout that night, the white stuff came down.  Hard.  Admittedly, twelve years of living in the Southwest has turned me into “one of those drivers” and, although I made it to breakfast with a friend that morning, the rest of the day found me holed up in the hotel, the remainder of my plans derailed.  All was not lost, however.  I spent my last few hours of vacation resting and regrouping.  Perhaps that’s just what the doctor ordered.

When your plans change, do the revised plans turn out better?