The simple things

[Image credit: Rawich]

Sometimes I think cats really know how to live life.  They sleep the majority of the days away, most are satisfied with one variety of dry, crunchy food; one of my cats drools his appreciation when his chin is scratched.  Another of mine enjoys a few laps of cold milk in the mornings.  Oh, to find delight in the simple things.  Sprawled out, belly up in the sunshine.  Security in sameness.  Dining only when hungry; never having to worry about what you wear or how you look.  Bird-watching is live entertainment.  I’d shy away from the hygiene and bathroom business, however.  But otherwise, what a life!  And then there are the wee ones who share their furry four-legged friends’ affinity for a natural curiosity; delight in a fresh snow fall or polka dots.  I believe that recognizing the simple pleasures in our own lives will help keep us young at heart and lead to a greater tolerance for the unavoidable hard knocks.

What is your favorite simple thing?