You own your breath

[Image credit: federico stevanin]

You have a lot of decisions that demand your attention, for every day and for your future.
There’s a lot of pressure for you to make the right decision.
Only one person has the right answer … you. Those decisions need to be made by your heart.
At some point no one will be pushing you.
You must take full responsibilities for the decisions in your life.
~ Garth Stein, at a high school commencement

One of my Facebook friends posted a quote on her status that says if you own your breath, you own your peace.  Similarly, you are the one person who owns the right to decide what is best for your life.  No one can tell you which path to take, which decision to make or if you will succeed or fail.  Because that is all a part of the journey.  So listen to your heart.  Take your time.  You only have one shot at Someday.

Have you made the best decisions for your life?