Grammar lesson

[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

Today’s topic came up at work the other day.  And when I realized here’s another instance when I have no idea which word is the right word to use in what context, I figured maybe others have the same question.  So, onward with my personal goal of making grammar easy … and more palatable.  The verbs assure, ensure and insure all have the general meaning “to make sure.”  According to Grammar Girl, assure is something you do to a person, a group of people or an animal to remove doubt or anxiety; i.e., I assured my daughter I’d be home in time for the partyEnsure is something you do to guarantee an event or condition; for example, I ensured that the party plans were in placeInsure can be done to a person, place or thing, but it’s reserved for limiting financial liability; e.g., The catering company insures its employees when they’re on the job.

How are you at ensuring you pick the right word each time?