correcting your mind

[Image credit: MR LIGHTMAN]

If you correct your mind,
the rest of your life will fall into place.
~ Lao Tzu

This concept of controlling our destiny with our thoughts makes a lot of sense.  I wholeheartedly made this my mission in 2012.  For instance, instead of focusing on a glass that appears half empty, I’ve attempted to refocus on its half-full attributes.  I have chosen gain over loss, strength over weakness, winning versus losing and the positive rather than the negative.  But it’s almost like I need to be beaten over the head with the idea before I accept that my thinking affects the bottom line.  And, if my mind is stuck in a rut, then my life will forever be in a continuous maze of wrong starts and stops and turns and missed passages — or opportunities.   No doubt I’ll be saying the same thing days, weeks, months, years even decades from now if I’m not careful.  And Someday may never arrive.

What’s the best way you practice correcting your mind?