Never say never

[Image credit: graur razvan ionut]

Never say never is something I’ve been known to say on occasion.  And I’ve learned that whether I say it or not does not dictate if I repeat something I said I’d never say or do something I said I’d never do or eat or participate in or whatever it is.  Whenever my mom heard me say this phrase she’d say, never is a long time, Christine.  I suppose there are some principles we know in our heart of hearts that we would never compromise.  But to say “never” also limits possibilities for growth and expansion of our horizons.  As for me, I am going to make a sincere effort never to say never again.  Although if I do that, then I’m already failing at this edict.  So, instead, I’ll try to leave it open-ended and open-minded.  Because we never know what life circumstances we’ll face one day that may blow our lofty statements right out of the water.

Do you regularly say never or not so much?