[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

As a continuation of my 15 days of thanks post, here are the remainder of tangibles and intangibles I am ever grateful for.  Of course, there are countless more objects of my affection.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.

16)    One less thing to worry about (the rental property sold!).
17)    The relationship I now share with my daughter after years of struggling with the parent-child dynamics.
18)    Franklin, as in day planner.  Without it, I may forget to write my blogs.
19)    Words with Friends.  Great for vegging out while maintaining an active mind.
20)    Moisturizer.  Or I would look like a lizard 24/7.
21)    My backyard, a private oasis.
22)    Roof rat-free attic.  Knock on wood, or last year’s chewed water line.
23)    Short Arizona winters a.k.a. long Arizona summers.
24)    Kisses and hugs.
25)    Hot tea.
26)    A rare cloudy day.
27)    Happy memories.
28)    “Firsts,” even at my age.
29)    Chips and salsa.
30)    My dentist.

What are you thankful for today?