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Stop thinking too much.  It’s all right not to know the answers.
They will come to you when you least expect it.
~ 7 Rules of Life, Whisper of the Heart

It comes as no surprise to those closest to me that I’m an over thinker.   Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to consider what I need to do next, or how to fix a problem.  I wish I wouldn’t dwell on the what-ifs or the if-thens, that I could stop second-guessing myself and others and that I didn’t allow the unknowns to consume me.  But I also hope that every decision I’ve made along my journey has paved the way for the answers to life’s questions.  And that my eyes and heart will not miss these answers because I’m too busy attempting to force the cosmos to speed up the realization of my hopes and dreams for Someday.  I’m just afraid of missing out.

Do you think too much, or let the answers unfold as time allows?