[Image credit: PinkBlue]

Over a year ago, I wrote about how I often focus on what I don’t have, rather than on what I’m thankful for.  With the holidays upon us, it’s a fitting time to remind ourselves of the many reasons we’re grateful.  For me, even though it’s not Someday yet, it’s better to plan for my dreams than to dwell on “What’s-Not-Day.”  And, while it’s easy to recognize our appreciation of what others have done for us, it’s also important to reflect on the good we do for ourselves.  For instance, at first glance, it may appear selfish or fiscally irresponsible when I spend money and time on my Bikram Yoga classes.  However, what I’m doing helps me to be stronger, healthier and happier, as well as better equipped to handle life outside of the studio.  All of which benefits those around me.  So everything that’s good in your life may just touch others, as well.

What’s one good thing you’ve done for yourself lately that you’re grateful for?