[Image credit: pakorn]

In my post Guilt-free living, I talk about granting ourselves permission to say “no” without feeling guilty.  In that blog I talk about being okay when we turn down requests from others.  But what about those self-imposed tasks we create for ourselves?  On Thanksgiving Eve, I planned on attending a special church service.  After an early dismissal from work, I ran a couple of errands, came home and started laundry and prepared a homemade pie for the weekend.  I was also still recovering from a week and a half of crud so not feeling overly ambitious.  When it was time for church, I made the “executive” decision to lay low.  I felt that one more commitment would be one too many.  So I said “no” to my expectations, puttered around the house, played Words With Friends and prepared for the next day.  It’s new for me, but I’m learning how to be okay even when I say no to myself.

How do you say “no” without feeling guilty?