[Image credit: David Castillo Dominici]

The spreading myself thin(ner) thing happened and that’s likely why I got sick last week.  I kept piling the commitments on top of each another until I was running ragged.  After getting sick, however, I took time off from working out and Yoga, stopped cleaning the house, served leftovers and take-out pizza for dinner.  And there was a day or two where I left for work with piles of laundry and an unmade bed.  I took sick time, missed church and an HOA Board Meeting, plus a charity benefit.  But in the midst of it all, I saw something very clearly even through the haze of my fuzzy head.  Nothing happened.  I didn’t lose my awesome mom award; the neighbors didn’t storm my house and dub me an unfit homemaker.  My family didn’t starve.  And surprise, surprise —my body didn’t fall apart (yet).  I think I’d better listen, slow down and cut back, though, before it does.

Are you afraid life will fall apart if you get sick?