[Image credit: Michelle Meiklejohn]

I rarely get sick.  Despite eating (relatively) healthy and exercising regularly, this past week I got hit with the crud and was down for the count.  Okay, just a day and a half from work and half the weekend, but still.  While renewing books online yesterday, I started thinking about the ease of living life behind the computer screen without even leaving the comfort of my fuzzy pink robe and non-skid pom-pom-topped footie sox.  I recently received a Christmas order in the mail.  And while I’ve been sick I watched TV and several movies online.  I know a couple of friends who met their future spouses through online dating sites.  We can listen to sermons online, play games, instant message, Skype with distant friends and relatives and, heaven forbid, even diagnose ourselves (although not recommended over a doctor’s visit).  At some point, however, I might wonder if the convenience will ultimately lead to the demise of the human connection.

Do you spend more time online or in person?