[Image credit: Stuart Miles]

A fellow yogi entered the changing room last week.  Immediately, I admired her brown hair, the thick curls bouncing over her shoulders.  After I told her how pretty her hair is, I asked if she ever flat irons it.  She said no, that she embraces what she has.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve been a culprit of the “always want what we don’t have” mentality.  I’ve mostly sported stick straight hair myself, the kind that curling irons and hot rollers have never been able to best.  Years ago I wore perms to achieve waves, but these days if I want curls, I wear my freshly washed hair in a bun to bed, remove the elastic band the next morning and apply gobs of product.  Maybe it’s about adopting the same type of attitude as the yogi and simply working with what we’ve been given.  Seems a lot easier in the long run.

What is something about yourself that you embrace rather than try to change?