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The other day I wanted to share with two different people a couple of tidbits I thought were cool.  Both of them told me they weren’t interested.  It hurt my feelings to be brushed aside, so I did the next best thing: posted it on Facebook.  Most days, at least one person goes on and on to me about something in particular or maybe nothing important, but I try to listen.  Granted, sometimes my mind wanders, but typically I stay plugged in.  After all, it isn’t that hard to lend an ear.  And we just may be the only one that person comes in contact with on a given day and maybe they simply need to feel like someone cares.  But if you run into me and I start to ramble, it’s okay to stop me mid-sentence to say you have somewhere to be (even if you don’t).  Just humor me if you’re able to.

How do you handle the person who always has a story to tell?