[Image credit: Evgeni Dinev]

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder. ~ E.B. White

What is wonder?  It can be described as a marvel or phenomenon or something that provokes awe or incredulity.  A double rainbow in the sky, a kiss from your soulmate, your pet’s unconditional devotion, a son or daughter’s laughter, a sun shower, the silence of a season’s first snowfall, a butterfly tattoo on your friend’s shoulder in the same spot as yours.  Air travel, a conversation conducted with only a look.  Bailey’s non-alcoholic creamer.  Bikram Yoga.  Reading.  Writing.  Music.  Doing what you love and getting paid for it.  A desert bloom in the heat of summer.  Friends who share the same weirdness.  The invisible distance between two hearts.  The power of the mind over matter.  Having someone declare their thanks for you.  The sacrifices others make for our freedom.  A parent’s love for his/her child.  Second chances.  Wonder is as unique as its beholder.

What are five things you can list as marvels today?