[Image credit: Paul]

I feel like I’m being pulled in multiple directions.  The title company requires signed paperwork.  I’ve promised to help a friend with her fitness goals while maintaining mine.  I’m committed to providing my family healthy meals each week.  I signed up to volunteer at the food pantry and I may be joining others for a weekly Bible study.  A friend of mine recently asked me if we’re okay, and another one accused me of being too busy to hang out.  Most every night this month has something penciled in, which means very little “alone time” for Chrissy (and the housework is suffering, as well).  What I’ve noticed more than anything, however, is that I’ve been a little rougher around the edges; less patient.  Yet, as with most things I get myself into, I’m the one who’s making more work for myself.  It’s time to call a time out to catch my breath.  Or there won’t be enough of me to spread around.

Are you your own worst enemy?